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why Blockchain and Micro-donations?

As a global nonprofit platform for impact journalism, it is our mission to give human rights and our planet a voice, and to engage for changing our world to the better.

And so we embrace technologies, which are inclusive and enable the participation of everyone on the planet.

Power to the People

We have introduced blockchain micropayments because it seems to us the most promising way to put power in the hands of people like you, regardless where you live and how much money you have.

Financial Infrastructure should be public, not private

Currently the core global financial infrastructure rests in the hands of private companies such as banks, credit card companies and other financial service providers.

However, infrastructure should be public and open for anyone to build upon.

For the first time in history, it’s possible to operate public infrastructure on a global scale through Blockchain technology.

Everyone should benefit from financial infrastructure

In a Blockchain world, every one would have a bank account in the form of a wallet. That may sound trivial but there are still around 2 billion people today that are unbanked.

People should be able to interact directly with one another, without intermediaries, sending, investing or donating money across borders at low fees. Those benefits will be even more palpable in emerging countries with low income.

Cryptocurrency is global by definition

Blockchain is a decentralised system that works peer to peer without a middleman using cryptocurrency regardless the currency of your country, and it allows to transfer very little amounts of money instantly and globally with very little transaction cost.

Micropayments are f or the many, not the few

These little amounts called micropayments are the lowest barrier possible to enable people all over the world to participate in a global financial system – be it for economic or social impact.

Like many people with low income couldn't invest before microcredits were introduced, micropayments enable now to put little amounts of money into the global cycle of funding.

Small amounts by the many rather than larger amounts by the few create a more equal and inclusive system of support and influence on shaping our world for the better.

Blockchain is easy to use, you don't need to register, it is secure and it doesn't save nor use your personal data.

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