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About FairPlanet


solutions journalism for human rights and the environment


–Established in 2014 in Berlin, registered non-profit social enterprise and independent media organisation

-Offices in Berlin, London, Halifax with bases in Hong Kong, Nairobi, New York City, Tel Aviv

–Team of 14 colleagues located in 11 countries

- Operating network of 180+ specialised local journalists in 50+ countries for global coverage

Community, Reach and Impact

-Reaching 2,250,000+ people per month (Google Search Impressions)

-A community of 250,000+ followers and subscribers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Soundcloud and our Newsletters

-Published 7,000+ reports, articles, audios and videos about human rights, environment and SDG

-Supported 1,000+ international and local organisations, social enterprises, campaigns and petitions


– Concerned with all forms of inequalities, climate change and loss of biodiversity

- Promotes human rights and well-being of our biosphere; supports Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) across the globe

- Elevates locally-driven journalism and activism to a global scale

- Informs independently, raises awareness and mobilises a global community to create positive sustainable change

– Promotes and distributes solutions knowledge to support change makers, communities, organisations, companies


- Funded through donations, project work and grants

– Applying a global equal pay policy; all colleagues across the globe are being paid equally.


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